VisION Solutions: Sensors

Our range of accessories are designed for flexibility. Various cable lengths allow custom fitting to a wide range of vehicles; and quad switch boxes switch between single and multi-view images. Trailer kSensors provide an obstacle detection system that identifies hazards in blind spots during lane changes, reversing and other vehicle manoeuvres. They offer a simple safety solution, using visual and audio hazard alerts to increase driver safety, when cameras and monitoring devices are not required. Developed for rugged conditions, sensors can assign up to seven detection zones with an on-dash or in-dash driver display reporting hazards up to 6 metres away. Sensors perform well in fog, rain and snow, in dusty environments such as quarries or in coastal conditions and suit industrial equipment, light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

its are ideal for semi-trailers; interior dome style cameras monitor passenger behaviour for buses and taxis; extension cables and assorted control boxes offer the flexibility to fit camera and monitoring systems on a range of light commercial vehicles, truck fleets and heavy machinery.

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